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12 Days of Aromatic Bliss | Christmas Advent Essential Oil Mica Infused Advent Calendar Candle Set | 100% Essential Oil Holiday Blend

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12 Days of Aromatic Bliss (Day 13 to Day 24 for total of 12 candles)

Introducing our  last set of festive Enchanting Christmas Advent Essential Oil and Mica Infused Advent Candle Set– a delightful way to count down to the most magical time of the year and set the stage for a year filled with joy and positivity!

Each day leading up to Christmas will be a sensory journey filled with warmth, delightful scents, and shimmering beauty, while also providing inspiration for a wonderful year ahead.

Candle Set Features:
1. Handcrafted Excellence:
Our Enchanting Christmas Advent Essential Oil and Mica Infused Advent Candle Set is lovingly handcrafted with care and love to ensure every detail is perfect. Each candle is a work of art, and no two are exactly alike.

2. 12 Days of Aromatic Bliss:
This set includes 12 one oz candles, each infused with a carefully essential oil blend to evoke the Christmas vibe. From the cozy scent of cinnamon and cloves to the uplifting aroma of peppermint and pine, each candle promises a new olfactory adventure.

3. Dazzling Mica Accents: Watch as the candlelight dances off the shimmering mica particles embedded in each candle. These tiny mineral flakes add a touch of elegance and sparkle, creating a magical ambiance that's perfect for the holiday season.

4. Premium Soy Wax: Our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. You can enjoy each candle for hours without worrying about harmful toxins or residues.

5. Packaged with Care and Love: We care about the environment and take great pride in how we present our Advent Candle Set to you. Each candle is individually packaged with care and love, ensuring it arrives to you in great condition. Our packaging materials are chosen to protect your candles while minimizing their ecological footprint, reflecting our commitment to both your satisfaction and the planet.

6. Perfect Gift: This set makes a thoughtful and enchanting gift for loved ones or as a treat for yourself. It's ideal for those who appreciate the finer details of the holiday season.

7. Versatile Decor: The compact size of these candles allows you to place them anywhere in your home. Whether adorning your mantel, creating a festive centerpiece, or enhancing your holiday décor, these candles are the perfect finishing touch.

8. Christmas Vibe: With 12 candles to enjoy, you can relish the anticipation of Christmas 12 days leading to the Christmas Day. Light a new one each day and let the delightful scents and shimmering light fill your heart with joy.

How to Use:
Simply light one candle each day in the lead-up to Christmas, allowing the soothing aroma and gentle glow to elevate your holiday spirit. Celebrate the season in style with our Enchanting Christmas Advent Essential Oil and Mica Infused Advent Candle Set. Let it infuse your home with delightful scents, the magic of Christmas, and the inspiration for a year ahead filled with wonder and positivity.

Day 13: Tis the Season - Festive Aromas Begin the countdown with "Tis the Season," a festive blend that infuses your space with merriment. Elevate your holiday cheer with this aromatic celebration.

Day 14: Christmas Love - Heartwarming Emanation Spread love and warmth with the heartwarming emanation of "Christmas Love." Create a cozy atmosphere that resonates with the tenderness of the season.

Day 15: Peace on Earth - Tranquil Notes Achieve serenity with "Peace on Earth." Immerse yourself in tranquil notes that bring a sense of calmness, fostering a peaceful holiday ambiance.

Day 16: Merry and Bright - Uplifting Joy Make your space "Merry and Bright" with this uplifting candle. Let the joyful aura fill your surroundings with positivity and holiday cheer.

Day 17: Let Your Heart Be Light - Heartwarming Bliss Allow the flickering flame of "Let Your Heart Be Light" to illuminate both your room and your heart. Embrace the season with a light and joyful spirit.

Day 18: Believe in Magic - Enchanting Essence Experience the enchantment of the season with "Believe in Magic." The mystical essence evokes wonder and awe, adding a magical touch to your celebrations.

Day 19: Joy to the World - Celebratory Vibes Spread joy with "Joy to the World." Infuse your home with happiness and celebratory vibes, making it a true haven of joy.

Day 20: Jingle All the Way - Playful Symphony Create a symphony of festive sounds with "Jingle All the Way." The cheerful notes add a playful touch to your holiday celebrations.

Day 21: Let It Snow - Winter Wonderland Transport yourself to a winter wonderland with "Let It Snow." The crisp, cool essence creates a magical atmosphere reminiscent of snowy landscapes.

Day 22: Silent Night - Calming Harmony Embrace the serenity of "Silent Night." The calming notes invite you to a peaceful and reflective moment, perfect for the holiday season.

Day 23: Happy Holidays - Festive Celebration Spread happiness and good cheer with "Happy Holidays." The festive essence captures the essence of the season's celebrations.

Day 24: Comfort and Joy - Warmth and Happiness Conclude your 12-day journey with "Comfort and Joy." This candle combines warmth and happiness, making your space a haven of comfort during the holiday season.

Let the festive essence envelop your home, creating a warm and celebratory atmosphere as you gather with loved ones.

Crafted for a clean and long-lasting burn, elevate your holiday festivities with the captivating scents of our 12 Days of Advent Essential Oil Candle Set. Order now and let each day bring a new symphony of joy to your celebrations! ✨🎄

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